A Little About Tai Chi

Author: Achieve Wellness Staff

Tai-chi is an ancient and dedicated Chinese martial art taught for fighting as well as longevity of life. The name translates into grand ultimate boxing. The origin of Tai-chi is a little unclear due to the fact that it dates back to the beginning of early Chinese writing. The founder is said to be Chang San-Feng. It is believed that he had a vision of a crane trying to attack a snake, but the snake would evade and strike back, and this became the basis on which Tai-chi came to be.

The art was developed for fighting and also to help one become one with the universe. In addition to the traditional forms, there are newer forms dedicated to relaxation, stress relief, as well as forms for dancing and ceremonial events.

Many people use Tai-chi as a way to manage stress. It is also used to promote better flexibility and balance. Through the use of slow deep breathing along with the use of circular motions, there is very little impact on the body. Each session is non-stop, moving from one pose to the next.

Many people look to Tai-chi to help with stress and to add calmness to their day. Tai-chi can be very rewarding and a relaxing part of your life, helping you improve both your physical and mental health. If you are thinking about trying Tai-chi, contact for us for information and class schedule!

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