Ask A Master Trainer

Author: Andrew, NASM-CPT, FNS, CES, PES, BCS, Master Trainer

andrewbioQ: Is walking enough exercise to help me lose weight?  – Tim H.

A: While sticking to a well balanced nutrition plan is critical to a successful weight-loss program, exercise can really boost results. The answer to your question Tim H. is that depending on your current activity level, walking may be enough to start, but as your body adapts to the intensity of exercise, it becomes more efficient at walking, making it less productive. Our bodies respond to stress and in the beginning walking may be enough stress to challenge your body to make physiological changes. As your body adapts, the exercise also needs to evolve to continually challenge the body. Be careful not to over train, as proper rest and recovery is critical. If your body is constantly confronted by stress without time for recovery, no adaptation can take place.

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