Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

Author: Achieve Wellness Staff

Myth: As far as weight is concerned, you cannot eat too much protein. Anything beyond what your body needs will get excreted in urine

Logic: Because the body has little capacity to store proteins, it makes sense that anything consumed beyond what the body immediately needs will be excreted in the urine (similar to water – soluble vitamins)

The Science: It is true that the body has limited ability to store protein. It is also true that a portion of the protein does get excreted in the urine (the nitrogen group that shows up in urine as urea). However, the other portion of the protein (the carbon group) is readily converted to glucose or fat, depending on the body’s current needs. Ultimately, protein consumed beyond what the body needs has the same fate as excess carbohydrate or fat – conversion into stored fat.

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