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Buying a Gift Card Online

1. Go to the Achieve Wellness Mindbody site.
2. Click the Online Store tab, and then Gift Cards.
3. Select Gift Card amount from the drop-down menu.
4. Enter To: and From: (These can be familiar names, like "To Sally" and "From Mom", for instance).
5. Select the "Send recipient the gift card" box if you want the card emailed to the recipient. You can set the date you want the card emailed, if you wish. If you don't select this, you'll be able to print the card and give it yourself.
6. Enter the Title of the card, like "Merry Christmas," or "A massage just for you!"
7. Enter a personal message if you wish.
8. Enter your name.
9. Select a picture.
10. Click Preview to see what the Gift Card will look like. Your full name, card number, and the word value will not actually appear on your card.
11. Click Make Purchase when you are ready to buy.

You can Log In as Guest,
Log in with your Achieve Wellness Mindbody account, or
Create an account.

12. Verify your purchase, and then select Check Out.
13. Enter your credit card information, and select Place Order.

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