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Master the Elements Group Training

Master the Elements is a group fitness program designed by the founders of Achieve Wellness to incorporate the core elements necessary to maintain a healthy body. In order to achieve a state of wellness we must train our minds and our bodies. We break our group classes into four categories: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Air classes focus on the training of our minds; Water classes focus on flexibility and range of motion; Earth classes focus on resistance training and muscular endurance; and Fire classes focus on cardiovascular efficiency and endurance.

The Master the Elements membership provides unlimited group classes each week, for one year! One of the best perks, if you choose, you can work with one of our Preventive Care Specialists to create a group training plan to ensure you attend the right balance of classes to achieve the results you deserve!

Class Schedule


Beginner Yoga: Thurs. 6pm; Sun. 8am
Fitness Yoga: Sun. 9:30am
Tai Chi: Mon. 2pm



Air Description


“Sometimes, you just need a break, in a beautiful place, alone, to figure everything out.” –unknown

The journey towards success begins in the mind. Without a crystal clear vision of where you want to go its hard to know where to begin. The element of air is representational of our mental state. Our minds, at our best, can be sharp and focused like a crystal clear sky on a cool day, and at our worst, uninspired and chaotic like a hurricane sky. It is commonplace for us to train our bodies and sharpen our professional skills. We should apply the same effort to sharpening our minds and strengthening our will so as to meet obstacles with enthusiasm and grace, to not let ourselves be defeated in the mind, before the body reaches its potential. Air classes are designed to sharpen our minds through education, stress management strategies, enhancing self-awareness, breath control, and goal setting.

Water Description


 “Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water. Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it.” –Lau Tzu, Chapter 78

The element of water is representational of our emotional state which should be firm when necessary, yet patient and flexible. At Achieve Wellness, we apply this principle to our bodies in terms of joint flexibility and range of motion. Our physical bodies need to be like water to bend and flex for proper movement quality. A flexible body is foundational to preventing or eliminating aches and pains as well as any strength and performance program. Water classes are designed to stretch and move our bodies in a manner that promotes joint flexibility, improved range of motion, muscle balance and relief of general aches and pains.

Earth Description


“It is a shame for anyone to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable.” –Socrates

The element of earth represents our physical body and its strength. For our bodies to endure, it is important that we become strong and enduring like the mountains. Applying the principle of earth through the practice of resistance training is critical in building a strong body with the strength necessary to carry us into old age. Strength training is important to maintain muscle mass, bone density, and increased work capacity necessary to perform activities of daily living. Earth classes are designed to challenge the body in a manner that provides the benefits of resistance training in a safe, progressive manner.

Fire Description


 “The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.” –Edith SÖdergran

Fire is the element that fuels our passions and drives us forward, as it represents the energy we exert and focus into action. Fire can be slow burning, warm, life giving and at other times a scorching inferno of activity. The fire is our motivation, our passion, our drive that spurs our beating hearts forward in a life of action. At Achieve Wellness, we use the principles of fire as they apply to cardiovascular training and the health of our hearts. No matter how peaceful the mind, how flexible and strong the body, without an enduring heart we perish. Fire classes focus on the progressive strengthening of the heart and lungs and their ability to efficiently pump life sustaining blood and oxygen into our limbs and organs through cardiovascular activities. Fire classes provide many options to accommodate all ages and abilities.

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