Jan’s Wellness Journey

Author: Jan Frazier, Member

I embarked on my fitness journey at age 67 mostly out of desperation. I needed a program to help me walk, stand and sit without pain. My job required standing (on concrete floors) for several hours at a time. Because of the standing and incorrect posture, I developed sciatica. I started my program at a commercial gym. After about six weeks or so, I knew that what I was doing there was not working for me. I was not seeing the results that I had hoped for and was looking for help in other areas. I heard about Achieve Wellness and decided to see what they had to offer. First, I scheduled a therapeutic massage and then another one. I was amazed at what the massage alone did for the pain. I then scheduled an appointment with a trainer who started me out with stretching and using a foam roller. More progress after those sessions made me realize that this was the place for me.

I was beginning to experience some relief from the sciatic pain because of the stretching and roller use and even more relief when the stretching session was preceded with a 30 minute therapeutic massage. When I began this program, I had never really thought about a fitness goal other than finding a program that would eliminate the pain I was living with. I have since revised that goal to include milestones that I felt I needed to achieve for my personal satisfaction and well-being. During the past six months I have worked diligently at home as well as with the trainers at Achieve Wellness.

I cannot say enough about the caring attitude of the staff and their dedication to the health, well-being and success of their clientele. They also emphasize the importance of proper form and posture as a must to prevent injuries. Not only have I thrived from the individual attention from the trainers, but I have found other benefits at Achieve Wellness which contribute to my own well-being and success. Due to an equilibrium problem caused by partial hearing loss, the beginning Yoga class has helped a great deal in achieving stability and increased flexibility as well.

The nutrition class was an eye opener in that I have never been told that I needed to eat more! My food diary reflected a lack of balance in the protein/carbohydrates/fat percentages in my diet. I have progressed from stretching to more intensive muscle strengthening. The sciatica is now history. And yet another surprise: I have lost ten pounds along the way! Even more recently, I had to go through radiation treatments. My doctors recommended that I stay active and take yoga classes during the course of my treatments to alleviate symptoms of fatigue. I continued with the exercise and yoga routine and both have helped tremendously. I have literally “sailed” through my treatments with no adverse effects.


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