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Prenatal Wellness

Achieve Wellness training specialists work with women of all stages of life and safety is always a primary focus. Substantial research has shown the benefits of exercise during pregnancy on the health of both the mother and the baby. It is generally accepted that most recreational activities are appropriate for all pregnant women, especially women who were already moderately active, until the third trimester, when a logical reduction in activity is recommended. Although fears that a fetus may be harmed by changes in body temperature, blood pressure and circulation, or decreased oxygen supply are real, these dangers can be minimized with proper training and precautions.

The slow growth of the fetus can alter a woman's posture, making core strengthening and flexibility important to maintain core-stabilization and a strong pelvic floor. After twelve weeks, exercise in the prone (stomach) or supine (back) position as well as unstable twisting motions are not advised. During pregnancy, a woman's nutritional needs will change to maintain adequate caloric intake to offset exercise. The use of foam rollers and other massage modalities will require special considerations. In addition, aerobic exercise (cardio), should be kept to a low-moderate intensity with minimal impact. Each woman may have different needs and will need to be screened for contraindications, thus every exercise program will be uniquely tailored and flexible throughout the pregnancy term.

Achieve Wellness trainers and therapists highly recommend that every woman consult with their physician prior to engaging in any physical activity. Once a proper risk assessment is complete, we are eager to help you towards your health and wellness goals with the safety of you an your child at the forefront of every activity!

Post Pregnancy Fitness

Physiological changes that occur during pregnancy may persist for up to 6-8 weeks or longer after giving birth. Achieve Wellness encourages women who have recently given birth to seek the help of our corrective exercise specialists to retrain posture, correct joint alignment and muscle balance. Restoring muscle balance is critical to regaining core stability and pelvic floor strength. A more rigorous routine should be deferred until proper muscle balance and flexibility is returned.

Achieve Wellness nutrition, training, and massage specialists will combine efforts to guide you down your health and wellness journey and ensure best results in a safe, progressive manner.
I Want To Lose The Baby Weight
Many women struggle with unwanted body fat during and after pregnancy. It is important to know that Achieve Wellness understands that our weight does not determine our overall health. Although being overweight puts us at a higher risk for certain conditions like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc., it does not mean you are currently unhealthy. It is very common for individuals to fall into a state of poor health during the struggle to manage weight. Many "fad" diets may have a quick impact on the scale, but place our bodies in a state of malnourishment and breakdown. These non-sustainable diets typically lead to more long term weight gain and the "yo-yo" experience many dieters suffer from.

It is also important to know that exercising more isn't necessarily the answer either, as excessive demand on the body, especially when the body has poor movement patterns, can lead to further weight gain and injury. Achieve Wellness movement specialists and nutrition specialists are experts at helping you achieve your weight loss goals, helping you balance your individual nutrition and exercise needs, while most importantly, keep you safe and injury free. Everyone's history and lifestyle is unique and each persons exercise and nutrition program needs to align with each individuals needs and goals.
I Have Stomach Issues
Digestive distress during and after pregnancy is extremely common. Complications can be caused by poor nutrition, medications, anxiety and physical stress, to name a few. In most cases, the patient should be referred to a licensed dietician by their primary care or care specialist. Achieve Wellness nutrition specialists are here to assist you and your other health professionals, by helping you to understand and adhere to your dietician's prescribed guidelines or nutrition plan. Although Achieve Wellness nutrition specialists do not prescribe meal plans or treat medical conditions with nutrition, we can assist you by catering nutritional guidelines based on your individual needs and adopt more beneficial eating habits during and after pregnancy.

In the event you suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), our specialists can take the time to discover one of many reasons for such GI distress. Causes will very by individual and can take much more time to isolate and recover than your typical healthcare provider has available to them to help you. Causes may include meal imbalance, excessive "rigids", poor nutrition timing (skipping meals), dehydration, "osmotics" such as some artificial sugars and preservative ingredients, excessive sodium intake, micro-nutrient imbalance or toxicity, poor bacteria colonies and inadequate fiber intake--just to name a few.
I Do Not Move Well
The gradual growth of the fetus and decrease in activity can alter a woman's posture and pelvic stability, causing a decrease in joint range of motion and core stability, and an increase in tension and joint stiffness. Corrective exercise is perfect for those just getting back to an active lifestyle after months of reduced activity and pregnancy, and those who have difficulty moving.

If you are currently working with a physician or physical therapist, our specialists will work with you, and your other healthcare professionals, to meet your exercise and nutrition needs. Stretching is also great for reducing tension which compresses and binds joints, preventing them from having proper range of motion and ease of movement.

Assisted stretching is ideal for all stage of pre/post pregnancy for removing tension and increasing the length of these over-active and shortened muscles that bind joints, prevent them from moving well, and in worst case lead to chronic pain. If gone untreated, joint stiffness can lead to further immobility and injury, which may result in costly surgeries due to tears and joint damage.
I Am Always Tired
Fatigue during and after pregnancy is common. Even an easy pregnancy can leave you feeling tired and slow. This fatigue can have many causes, which include hormonal changes, weight gain, broken sleep cycles, lack of oxygen or a weakened vascular system, medications and poor nutrition. Post pregnancy fatigue can be worse if you were fatigued prior to pregnancy, which can occur if the woman did not perform regular planned activity, follow a balanced nutrition plan, and a regular stretch or corrective exercise routine to reduce physical tension in the body. Simply put, a healthy more balanced body will recover easier, sleep better, and regain energy quicker.

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