Product Review—Foam Roller

Author: Phil Gawlak, NASM-CPT, CES, GFS, FNS

A review of the 6” diameter closed cell foam roller. This roller is a great tool for anyone seeking relief from tight or overactive muscles. This may be a bit firm for some beginners, but with consistent use the body will adapt quickly. The basic closed cell roller is among the most durable available, especially at its low price point. I highly recommend this foam roller as it is an effective way to help inhibit or relax over-active muscles before and after your workout. A qualified Personal picture165trainer can help you identify those over-active muscles and how to use the roller safely and effectively. If you have sore muscles, or feel like you have some tight muscles that need some smoothing out, this is the perfect product. This foam roller is also a good option for a multitude of other exercises as well. Due to its firmness, you can perform balancing exercises, as well as stability and core exercises. Because it is made of high density materials, this closed-cell roller can retain its shape and firmness for longer than many others. This roller is simple, but sometimes the simplest products are the most effective and most durable. I use this foam roller with many of my clients, as well as in my own personal workouts. It is one of my favorites and I recommend it to all of my clients and suggest acquiring one to add to your workout regimen.


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