Tai Chi

Author: Michael Guill, Tai Chi Instructor

I have been a Tai Chi instructor for 13 years and enjoy passing the benefits to others. I studied under Master Kym Huie for 12 years and assisted him in his classes. I am a member of Tai Chi for Health Community Organization and use their principals and materials in my classes. I have taught Tai Chi aquatic, arthritis, and senior stretch and balance classes. I try to bring real world experience into my classes and apply them from a student’s view as I will always be a student myself. Tai Chi has its roots as a martial art and has been practiced in China for over 600 years. It is practiced today for health with focus on breathing and flowing postures.  With emphasis on balance and posture Tai Chi makes a good compliment to the other programs at Achieve Wellness. This class consists of gentle warm ups, chi-kung exercises, and a beginner’s form. All of the postures can be modified so that anyone may participate.

A tai chi class might include these parts:

Warm-up. Easy motions, such as shoulder circles, turning the head from side to side, help you to loosen your muscles and joints.

Instruction and practice of tai chi forms. Forms are sets of movements — which may include a dozen or fewer movements; long forms may include hundreds.

Qigong (or chi kung). Translated as “breath work” or “energy work,” this consists of a few minutes of gentle breathing sometimes combined with movement.


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