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Healthy weight management is the key to a healthy, functional and pain free body. Achieve Wellness believes that path to success is through nutrition education, balancing our nutritional needs with our current lifestyles, and to empower every individual to manage their own weight for the rest of their life, using the education and coaching Achieve Wellness provides as a foundation for success.If you struggle with weight management, you are not alone! In fact, since 1970 the number of overweight children has quadrupled, the number of overweight teens have tripled, and the number of overweight adults have doubled! Trending data shows that if no change occurs, half of all American adults will struggle with obesity by 2030. 90 percent of Americans consume more than the recommended amount of sodium for a healthy diet.

Reasons for struggling with weight can vary per person and may include skipping meals, eating too much, eating too little, lack of variety, macro- and micro-nutrient imbalance, stress, sleeping habits, activity level, and hydration to name a few. Most individuals, due to our lifestyles and careers, may struggle with more than one of these habits. Balancing all of these variables is critical to success, whether you are trying to gain weight or lose. It is also important to remember that being overweight does not always equate to being unhealthy.

The Achieve Wellness approach to nutrition adapts to your individual goals. Although the approach and advice may differ for each person, based on their individual needs, the one aspect that you can always count on is that our approach will be balanced and aimed at better health. No fads, no gimmicks, and no nonsense. We focus on variety, balance of nutrients, and timing to achieve maximum results based on the compromises you as an individual are willing to make. For a nutrition plan to be successful it must become a lifestyle change. To achieve this we make small adjustments to our current eating habits over time to ensure best and permanent results. All Achieve Wellness nutrition specialists are certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

I Am Overweight
Many people struggle with being overweight or a dissatisfaction with their current weight. It is important to know that Achieve Wellness understand that our weight does not determine our overall health. Although being overweight puts you at a higher risk for certain conditions like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc., it does not mean you are currently unhealthy. It is very common for individuals to fall into a state of poor health during the struggle to manage weight. Many "fad" diets may have a quick impact on the scale, but place our bodies in a state of malnourishment and breakdown. These non-sustainable diets typically lead to more long term weight gain and the "yo-yo" experience many dieters suffer from.

It is also important to know that exercising more isn't necessarily the answer either, as excessive demand on the body, especially when the body has poor movement patterns, can lead to further weight gain and injury. Achieve Wellness movement specialists and nutrition specialists are experts at helping you achieve your weight loss goals, helping you balance your individual nutrition and exercise needs, while most importantly, keep you safe and injury free. Everyone's history and lifestyle is unique and each persons exercise and nutrition program needs to align with each individuals needs and goals.
I Do Not Eat Well
You may know you have poor eating habits, but if you were asked which part of these habits are holding you back from getting the results you deserve, would you have the answer? It's OK if you don't. The absolute truth is that there are many variables to achieving long term success. Variables such as nutrient content, food balance, the timing of our meals, portion control (Not to much and not too little), and the largest factor, your lifestyle. Often, the foods we think are holding us back, may have very little to do with why we struggle with weight. The reason why so many "fad" diets exist and have failed to make a lasting impact is because they fail to address your individual needs and evolve with your lifestyle! If you think back, how many times has the demand you place on your body changed, for example your activity level during the week versus the weekend or during the summer vs the winter? Did your diet change to reflect the change in lifestyle? You're not alone and that is why Achieve Wellness professionals work one on one with you to discover your individual needs and guide you through obstacles, help keep you motivated, and on track.
I Have Diabetes
Learn to manage your diabetes without the roller coaster blood sugar levels and stress from guessing what your body needs. If you struggle with diabetes, you have probably had high blood sugars, to hold back on eating until the blood sugar drops to a lower level. Then, before having a little snack to bring them back up you find them high again, even though you still haven't eaten, leaving you perplexed and powerless.

Achieve Wellness nutrition specialists have a great understanding of diabetes and the obstacles associated. Although all the typical nutrition guidelines exist for diabetics as well, meeting those nutrition guidelines while maintain level glucose levels can be stressful and at times, feel hopeless. Our nutrition specialists are here to assist you and your other health professionals, by helping you to understand and adhere to your dietician's prescribed guidelines or nutrition plan. Although Achieve Wellness nutrition specialists do not prescribe meal plans or treat medical conditions with nutrition, we can assist you by catering nutritional guidelines based on your individual needs, manage the variables associated with diabetes and adopt more beneficial eating habits, while providing you the necessary education to manage your blood sugar levels while achieving your weight management goals.
I Have Stomach Issues
Stomach and digestive complications can be caused by poor nutrition, medications, anxiety and physical stress, to name a few. In most cases, the patient should be referred to a licensed dietician by their primary care or care specialist. Achieve Wellness nutrition specialists are here to assist you and your other health professionals, by helping you to understand and adhere to your dietician's prescribed guidelines or nutrition plan. Although Achieve Wellness nutrition specialists do not prescribe meal plans or treat medical conditions with nutrition, we can assist you by catering nutritional guidelines based on your individual needs and adopt more beneficial eating habits that can have a positive impact and reduce the symptoms of issues like acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Issues such as acid reflux and indigestion can cause and worsened by simple habits like improper food imbalance (low protein, high sugar and fat contents), skipping meals, and the over stimulation of stomach acids on an empty stomach (such as chewing gum, drinking coffee or flavored drinks on an empty stomach).

In the event you suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), our specialists can take the time to discover one of many reasons for such GI distress. Causes will very by individual and can take much more time to isolate and recover than your typical healthcare provider has available to them to help you. Causes may include meal imbalance, excessive "rigids", poor nutrition timing (skipping meals), dehydration, "osmotics" such as some artificial sugars and preservative ingredients, excessive sodium intake, micro-nutrient imbalance or toxicity, poor bacteria colonies and inadequate fiber intake--just to name a few.

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